No-cost online AWS training pathway for researchers and research IT

posted Jun 20, 2020, 1:28 PM by Chris G   [ updated Jun 20, 2020, 1:29 PM ]

To help researchers learn about cloud computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) curated a list of no-cost, on-demand online courses tailored to researchers’ needs. AWS helps researchers process complex workloads by providing the cost-effective, scalable, and secure compute, storage, and database capabilities needed to accelerate time-to-science. Scientists can quickly analyze massive data pipelines, store petabytes of data, and share their results with collaborators around the world.

The AWS research team selected this list of courses from hundreds of available courses, specifically for researchers and research IT professionals who want to learn foundational cloud services. These online courses are available at any time to help users learn new cloud skills and services.

Research Learning Pathway: Foundational Services

The Research Learning Pathway: Foundational Services is designed for researchers and research IT professionals who want to become more proficient in optimizing research on AWS. Learn how to use the right storage medium, remove heavy lifting with managed services, and reproduce research with containers and software-defined infrastructure. This learning pathway can be completed in just over seven hours, and courses range in length from five minutes to three hours each. We recommend you complete the courses you need in the sequence outlined here.

Research Learning Pathway Foundational Services 2